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Parker Bradway, of MamaDear, Talks to Southern Tide About Music, Life and Clothes

Posted on Apr/17/2013

Parker Bradway is everything Southern Tide loves in an aspiring musician: a great story, an authentic sound, and of course an avid Southern Tide fan.  We recently asked Parker a few questions about his music and his new Nashville based band “MamaDear.”

Skipjack:  How did you end up pursuing music as a career? What led you to Nashville?

Parker:  I don’t think it surprised anyone when I set my sights on Nashville after graduating from Wake Forest in 2011.  I sang for anyone that would listen.  Because I’ve been singing my whole life, it might appear it was an obvious decision, but it was actually a very trying one.  I had offers to go work for some great companies, but chose to make music in Tennessee!  It has been a tremendous first two years, so I haven’t looked back.   I’m definitely here to stay in Music City. 

Skipjack:  Who are some of your both personal and musical influences?

Parker:  Outside of Christ, one of my personal heroes is Dietrich Bonheoffer, a German pastor and spy during World War II.   His life story and writings are electrifying. Musically, I grew up on Garth, George, and Alan Jackson.  I loved what the 1990’s did for country music--it brought energy and excitement to the genre but maintained the beauty and authenticity of the stories.  It is certainly what I attempt to do with my music and songwriting. 

Skipjack:  Who is in MamaDear and how did the band form?

Parker: MamaDear was formed just a few months ago with two other Nashville country artists, Kelly Tillotson and Daniel Wilson.  The three of us were working on individual artist careers when we all gathered to co-write a song.  We didn’t end up writing that day however because we became so enamored with how our harmonies and voices fit together.  We knew we had something special and went all in on our new project.

Skipjack: Who does the song writing for MamaDear? Or is it a collective effort?

Parker:  We write together a lot, but certainly not exclusively.  Although we didn’t get a song out of our first co-write, we’ve written a handful of songs since then.  Some are MamaDear songs and some fit better with other artists so we are pitching those around town. 
It’s our goal to bring southern roots, genuine, feel-good sound back to country music, and we believe that all begins with well-written and authentic songs. 

Skipjack: What is the band’s favorite Nashville venue and why?

Parker:  Our favorite venue so far is Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant. It meshes beautifully with our music and is a classic Nashville restaurant/venue.  The audience was so receptive to our music, and we were so grateful to our fans for that.  Oh, and its fried chicken is top notch.  

Skipjack:  What are MamaDear’s future goals? Is there a single or album in the works?

Parker:  We are full steam ahead into the spring and summer.  We are playing shows, from Blacksburg, VA to Syracuse, NY and everywhere in between. We’re getting into the studio for the first time as a group together in a couple of weeks to cut a few records..

Skipjack: What draws you to Southern Tide? Do you have a favorite item?

Parker: My favorite shirt is the Riverside Plaid buttondown in Red, definitely my go to! But , the Southern Tide jeans are a sneaky awesome option that I wear all the time.  They’re fantastic.  So are the 5-Pocket Pants with the Leather Trim--love those, too.  Too many to choose from!
Southern Tide has been so good to me--both as an artist and as a customer.  It’s a fantastic company, and I was a massive fan way before y’all contacted me. I love how it looks, how it feels, and what Southern Tide represents.

For more information on Parker and his new band MamaDear visit his website at www.parkerbradway.com. You can also check out his music on YouTube, like his first single "Carolina Blue" which is embedded below.



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